Coverlite – Series CVL


  • The Series CVL delivers very high lumen output with Dual MR16 LED lamps, and remains hidden in normal conditions. It is ideal for locations with high ceilings, or areas requiring longer spacing between fixtures.


  • Following AC power failure, cover doors open instantly and provide emergency lighting to area required, with automatic retraction when AC power is restored.
  • The cover doors may be color matched to any interior finish so when closed in normal mode, the unit is practically invisible.
  • Battery Diagnostics standard.
  • Universal Wall or Ceiling Mount.
  • The doors are driven by a simple spring and solenoid with magnetic latch, simple and trouble- free.
  • Automatic reset always returns the moving doors to the correct position after adjustments.
  • Flush- fitting covers with internal reflective surfaces are mounted on composite fiber hinges for extreme durability through multiple cycles.
  • No unauthorized access to the lamp heads by vandals.
  • Two versions available:
    - CVLBB= Unit equipment with self-contained battery
    - CVLRE= Remote for connection to Central Battery System
    - CVLAC= 120/ 277 VAC Input
  • The LED lamps remain stationary, protecting hot filaments from damage by vibration.
  • IES photometric data available for all models.
  • Up to 60,000 hr lamp life; typical installations will never require a lamp replacement.
  • Swivel mounted lamp heads are universally adjustable and can be precisely positioned where light is needed.


  • Isolated switch mode power supply with regulated current and voltage output to the lamp load and battery. Universal AC supply 120/277 VAC input via two- wire feed, or 24 VDC input for remote configuration.
  • Low power consumption in standby mode.
  • Automatic control of charge rate for fast charge and maximum battery life


  • An advanced microprocessor monitors all charger functions and battery condition continuously and automatically performs all tests and visual indications required by UL Standard 924.
  • Diagnostic display by multicolor LED or full function alpha- numeric display (remote test panel).


  • Manufactured and tested to UL Standard 924 and NFPA Life Safety Code 101.


  • 3 year total customer satisfaction warranty. For details see product catalog technical data section.

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