About Signtex Lighting

Signtex, Inc was incorporated in 1989 as a manufacturer of architectural sign systems and lighting products, operating from its own facilities in Maryland. Today, the Signtex design team combines decades of experience in the creation and manufacture of innovative lighting products and systems. Since 1967, Signtex CEO Will Hegarty has developed many innovative lighting products and systems, a partial list follows:

1967: Introduced the first self-luminous commercial EXIT signs to the American market, together with aircraft instrument illumination and EXIT signs for commercial aircraft.

1970: Manufactured an instrument lighting package for the Apollo Moon exploration program using self-luminous lamps, which was used by all astronauts at the Moon’s surface.

1990: Developed and supplied the first LED exit signs with die cast housing.

1991: Marketed the first LED exit sign with uniform light distribution over the face, in place of “illuminated dots”.

1994: U.S. patent 5,276,591 was issued January 4, EDGE-LIT LED EXIT SIGN. Signtex edge-lit exits are still the brightest and most uniform offered in the market.

1998: U.S. Patent 5,851,061 was issued December 22, RECESSED EMERGENCY LIGHT WITH MOVING MIRRORS. This product is an established favorite when high power and very low or invisible profile is desired in non-emergency mode.

2001: Introduced the MULTILITE central battery system for LED exit signs, the first real solution to the problem of battery maintenance.

2005: Announced the MOONLITE DUAL FUNCTION LED, the first emergency lights to use high-flux LEDs for both emergency and security or night lighting.

2005: Introduced the UNIVERSAL CENTRAL BATTERY SYSTEM for all Signtex emergency lights including EXIT, MOONLITE LED emergency/Security lights, and COVERLITE high-power recessed emergency light. The first UPS power system designed specifically for emergency lighting, offering major cost savings over conventional unit equipment, inverters or generators.

Signtex is proud to be responsible for major advances in emergency lighting. See PRODUCT pages for details on many of these products. Watch this space for continuing new and exciting developments in process now!