Series MLS- Surface Mount Down Light


  • This architectural housing design blends well with any environment. All parts are machined from extruded aluminum and can be custom finished at the factory to match any interior design plan
  • All MOONLITE fixtures have a dual lighting function, for normal ambient lighting as well as emergency lighting. The night lighting option delivers big power savings, or can act as a low-energy booster for conventional ambient lighting fixtures. The Security Lighting option can be controlled by an internal time clock, photocell, or from a building management system.


  • Housing and canopy plate from rugged extruded aluminum
  • Mounts cleanly with standard back plate to wall or ceiling, or direct to j-box for exposed conduit applications, such as unfinished ceilings.
  • Standard satin white finish; custom paint or satin anodized finishes are also available.
  • High power LEDs and optical lenses produce an optimized elongated pattern along the path of egress.
  • Three versions available:

    BB= Unit equipment with self-contained battery

    RE= Remote for connection to Central Battery System

    AC= For connection to AC 120/277 emergency supply.


  • The most cost- effective emergency lighting possible, with extremely low power consumption and lamp life exceeding 50,000 hrs
  • Provides 1 Fc average emergency lighting along the path of egress from standard ceiling heights, with spacing of over 50 ft.
  • Power consumption 8 watts in emergency mode and about 4 watts for night lighting or security mode.
  • When installed for dual mode operation (emergency and night or security lighting), these units provide tremendous energy savings compared to conventional lighting,  up to $.50 per sq ft of lit area. See the Signtex cost comparison.
  • Optional battery diagnostics available for all models.


  • Lamps are connected in parallel. If one lamp fails, one or more lamps will continue in operation.
  • Universal 120/277 VAC input for standard battery or AC unit, or 24 VDC input for remote configuration.
  • Power supply delivers regulated current and voltage to LED lamps at optimum levels to maximize lamp life.
  • Automatic battery diagnostics available for all battery models.

NOTE: Series  MRD/MLS share the same IES file as MLD

(Right click & choose "save as" to download .ies file)


  • Manufactured and tested to UL Standard 924 and NFPA Life Safety Code 101.
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