Somerset County Technical High School

Location: Westover, Maryland
Year of Completion: August 2019
Architect: Becker Morgan
Contractor: Oak Contracting, LLC.
Electrical Engineer & Lighting Specifier:      Gipe Engineering
Size of Building: 103,000 sq. ft.
Emergency Lighting System: Central
Battery System with MARS®




Somerset County Technical High School is a 103,000 sf facility built on the grounds of the Somerset County Public Schools Complex. The facility provides an academic program for approximately 400 students in grades 8 through 12 and includes 3,000 gsf designated for cooperative use.

Signtex's central battery system was installed with the generator power option, which allows a generator to maintain battery charge during a power outage. In this configuration, following a utility power failure, central batteries provide immediate emergency lighting during generator startup. When the generator is running at full power, lighting changes to STANDBY mode, and the generator maintains central batteries at full charge. If the generator should fail to start or shuts down for any reason during the power outage, the central batteries will immediately power emergency lighting throughout the
building for the required minimum of 90 minutes. Signtex installed ELC units in all the luminaires specified for emergency lighting. All emergency equipment throughout the building operates from only two central battery locations. 

“Because of the technically driven curriculum, this school’s structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were left on display throughout the facility to be used as teaching tools. Architectural elements were designed with clean and efficient lines and a minimal material palette to project a simple, industrial and modern ascetic. With their slim, refined, minimal construction, the Signtex emergency lighting and exit signage complemented this philosophy perfectly. Whether through an edgeless glass face or a thin aluminum plane, the lighting looks as though it was custom-designed to match the surrounding architecture. We have used Signtex in many of our projects throughout the years, a decision we plan to continue long into the future.” - Craig Williams, AIA, Senior Associate - Becker Morgan Group

“When the power goes out, the emergency lightings come on. It’s that simple. We have experienced power outages and have had no problems with our Signtex emergency lighting systems.” - Donte Johnson, Head Custodian of Somerset County Technical High School