Universal Central Battery – Series LCM

Spec Sheet Installation

The LCM panel monitors the status of up to nine (9) branch circuits supplying general lighting for egress pathways, and is connected to one or more CBS panels supplying emergency lighting in the same areas, via a 12V normally ON signal. If any monitored circuit breaker is opened or other circuit failure occurs, the 12V signal will turn OFF and the CBS will immediately activate emergency lighting in the area.The LCM enables compliance with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 (2009), Para, which states:

The emergency lighting system shall be arranged to provide the required illumination automatically in the event of any interruption of normal lighting due to any of the following:

(1) Failure of a public utility or other outside electrical power supply.

(2) Opening of a circuit breaker or fuse.

(3) Manual act(s), including accidental opening of a switch controlling normal lighting facilities.

Each standard LCM panel is typically installed near a lighting panelboard and can monitor up to nine (9) branch circuits. If the circuits to be monitored are located in different panelboard locations, up to (4) LCM panels may be connected to one CBS panel, to monitor a total of up to (36) branch circuits: (4) sets of signal wiring can be installed using conductors of AWG #20- 22 over distances of more than 1,000 feet from LCM to CBS.

If more than (9) circuits are required to be monitored and are located in a single or nearby panelboard, the standard model MASTER LCM may be connected to up to (2) REMOTE LCM panels, each of which can monitor up to (8) circuits. This allows up to (25) circuits to be monitored with only one 12V signal wire connection to the CBS. Optionally, up to (4) REMOTES may be connected to the MASTER, allowing up to (41) branch circuits to be monitored via the same12V connection.


  • NEMAType 1, UL 50 steel enclosure for surface (wall) mount, optional recess mount.
  • Solid state switches control up to (9) branch circuits.
  • Available Master-Remote options allow monitoring of up to (41) branch circuits via a single low voltage connection to a CBS panel.
  • Upon loss of power from any monitored circuit breaker, a CBS panel will immediately activate emergency lighting.


  • Universal Input 120/ 277 VAC
  • Max 5 watts power consumption in normal mode.
  • Up to nine solid state sensing switches are ULRecognized and rated for continuous duty.
  • The output circuit to a CBS may be installed using #18-22 AWG NEC/ Class 2 wiring.


  • Operation complies with NFPALife Safety Code 101 (2009), Para when installed with Signtex central battery systems.