Series MFP- Floor Proximity


  • A low profile and powerful LED recessed fixture for Mounting up to 4 ft from floor level. Dual function operation in either emergency or normal mode, powered from the Signtex central battery system at 24VDC.


  • Faceplate from solid machined aluminum, available with brushed finish or a variety of satin enamel paint colors.
  • Steel housing with bracket mount locations and multiple knockouts for wiring connection.
  • Composite outdoor rated gasket seal for wet location operations.
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate or acrylic diffuser window 1/8” thick delivers wide beam output.
  • Modular faceplate and lamp housing removes to allow easy access for service. 


  • Operates with Central Battery System including low voltage normal lighting operation. See CBS data sheet.
  • Dual function operation for night or security lighting as well as emergency lighting.
  • Very low power consumption compared to any fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems.
  • Over 50,000 hour lamp life in normal use.


  • Lamps are connected in parallel. If one lamp fails, one or more lamps will continue in operation.
  • 10 watts total system power.
  • -40 o C Standard minimum operating.
  • LED color temperature standard 5300K, available color temperatures 3000K.
  • An advanced LED driver module is incorporated in the fixture, allowing dual operation from either a battery or normally on power source.
  • Lamps are connected in parallel-series strings, as required to meet requirements of NEC and Life Safety Codes. Lighting continues even after failure of one lamp or circuit.


  • Manufactured and tested to UL Standard 924 and NFPALife Safety Code 101.
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