• ELC converts an LED luminaire to emergency lighting operation, powered from a Signtex central battery system. Constant power output is factory adjustable to optimize emergency illumination level and fixtures may be on, off, switched or dimmed in normal mode without affecting emergency operation. General lighting fixtures with ELC may be combined with MOONLITE LED™ emergency luminaires and exits in the central battery system, as required.
  • Typical applications for Type P2 may include 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 LED flat panel or other lay-in designs, with normal power ranging from 10W to 70 watts or more.
  • All Signtex central battery systems Series CBS and CBM include fully automatic self-test, self-diagnostics. Series CBM includes the MARS™ Monitoring and Reporting System which provides cloud-based internet communication and fault reports delivered automatically via email for all components of the emergency system.


  • Factory or field installable in the Fire and Electrical Enclosure of listed fixtures.
  • Normal lighting operation is not affected by ELC operation.
  • Compatible with all types of dimming and lighting controls.
  • Standard mount= Hi temp VHB DF tape. Optional flange for screw mount.


  • Input 24 VDC
  • Constant emergency power output is factory adjustable from 5W to 24W.
  • Output voltage auto sensing range up to to 41V.
  • Adjustable emergency lumen output allows optimum settings for any fixture to equal or exceed requirements of NEC and NFPA 101 codes for varying mounting heights and other conditions.
  • Available for LED fixtures operating from 10W to 70W or higher in normal mode.


  • Recognized component in compliance with UL Standard 924 and CSA C22.2 No. 141 for field or factory installation in Fire and Electrical Enclosure. All Signtex Central Battery Systems and MOONLITE LED emergency fixtures are UL Listed to Standard 924.
Emergency Operation
Max Output Voltage
41 VDC
Current Range (Settable)
100-350 mA
Max Power
Option HP
Max Output Voltage
24 VDC
Current Range (Settable)
200 mA
Max Power
Image Image

Field or factory installation in the
Fire and Electrical Enclosure
of any LED fixture