Crystal Recessed – Series CRR


  • Exceptional brightness and uniformity is achieved with the use of diamond polished lenses, very high quality LEDs and balanced optics. Only four LEDs are used per face, resulting in the lowest power consumption of any edge-lit sign.
  • Solid extruded aluminum trim plate, with satin anodized or baked enamel finishes.
  • Multiple mount options available, including a unique “Free Lens” end- mount with no exposed lamp housing, “waterfall”curved lens for wall mount, double pendants for very high ceilings, and other items.
  • Custom metal anodizing, paint finishes and custom graphics available, as well as custom illumination colors for specialty signs.


  • Universal 120/277 VAC input with power consumption from ½ watt to 1 watt per sign.
  • Optional battery diagnostics available for all models.
  • Remote versions of all models are available, to operate from a Signtex 
    Central Battery Systems.


  • Manufactured and tested to UL Standard 924.minimums. Conforms to NFPA Life Safety Code 101, UBC and NEC

How to Order


Auto Battery DiagnosticsDG
Central Battery InterfaceCBI
Multilite MasterMTL
"Waterfall" Wall Mount ClearWFC
"Waterfall" Wall Mount w/backplateWFB
End Mount (specify left or right)LE/RE
Damp LocationDP
Backplate (single face only)W=white, B=black, M=mirror
End Mount Free Lens (specify left or right)LEF/REF
Dual AC Input RelayDAC
Single Pendant 12"PEN
Double Pendant 12"PEN
Custom Pendant X" LengthPEN-X

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