MHE Series – High Output


  • The Moonlite LED Series MHE high output emergency light is a powerful new addition to the Signtex family of LED emergency luminaires. With twenty- four high- output LEDs operating at only 30 watts, the MHE produces over 2,700 lumens of light output, providing maximum emergency lighting floor coverage over wide areas at ceiling heights from 10 to 40 feet or more.
  • The MHE’s low- profile recessed or surface mount design matches seamlessly into any architectural or commercial space, and is ideal for retrofit or new applications.


  • Standard Model: Maximum Floor Coverage from Ceiling Heights up to 40 Feet and More
  • Wide Angle Lens Option: Maximum Floor Coverage from a Standard Ceiling Height
  • Spreader Lens Option: Path of Egress Lighting from Ceiling Heights of 20 Feet and More


  • LEDs and electronics encased in a UV stabilized, abrasion-resistant polycarbonate lens with an IP67 rated watertight seal.
  • Recessed Mount- faceplate from extruded machined aluminum, available with brushed finish or a variety of satin enamel paint colors.
  • Surface Mount- steel housing with bracket mount locations and multiple knockouts for wiring connection.
  • Composite outdoor rated gasket seal for wet location operations.


  • Dual function operation for night or security lighting as well as emergency lighting.
  • Very low power consumption in night/ security mode. This unit offers tremendous energy savings when compared to any fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems during night operations.
  • Over 50,000 hour lamp life in normal use.


  • Operates with Central Battery System including low voltage normal lighting operation. See CBS data sheet.
  • Lamps are connected in parallel. If one string of lamp fails, one or more strings will continue in operation.
  • Power supply delivers regulated current and voltage to LED lamps at optimum levels to maximize lamp life.
  • Twenty four LEDs operating at 26 watts 2,700 lumens light output in emergency and normal ON mode.
  • LED color temperature 4,700K and CRI of 70. 70% lumen maintenance (L70) at 50,000 hrs.


  • Central Battery System listed to UL 924 for emergency and normal lighting operation. LED Lamp Assembly ROHS compliant, LM-79 tested, and rated IP67.

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Standard Model
Max Floor Coverage from a High Ceiling


40' x 40' x 30' Ceiling 
1.0 Fc Average

Wide Angle Lens Option (-WA) 
Max Floor Coverage from a Standard Ceiling


50' x 50' x 10' Ceiling 
1.0 Fc Average

Spreader Lens Option (-SP) 
Path of Egress from a High Ceiling


10' x 80' x 20' Ceiling 
1.0 Fc Average

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